Friday, August 14, 2009

Listen to U2


nathalie said...

one is the one

nathalie said...

when i was a boy my first impression about america was a man walking on the moon. neil armstrong 1969
I thought. I thought these americans are mad
but what these people do when they put their mind into it is incredible.
John Kennedy said by the end of the decade we will put a man on the moon
what we are asking the world leaders todays is to do something incredible
we ask them to put mankind back on earth
we ask them to do something extraordinary
it is to end poverty in africa
our generation,is to end poverty in africa
it is not ok for a child to die from hunger in the 21st century
it is not ok
just take out your cellphone
anyone has a cellphone here? you can get yourself into a lot of trouble with your cellphone. dangerous devices
we are looking for one million americans
we are not looking for your money, we are looking for your voice

is it getting better? do you feel the same?

Delirious said...

"Have you come here to play Jesus, to the lepers in your head?"

one of my absolute favorite songs. ever.