Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marriage Institution

Hardly an institution creates as much fuss as the marriage institution does.

Teenagers despise it, single adults fear it, married persons criticize it. Nevertheless, we all march irrevocably towards it. However critical we were, however fearing of commitment we are, the vast majority of people take the step and sign that paper, take that oath.
A genetic programming? a deeply rooted social conditioning? A curse? A human fate?

What is it that makes marriage such a powerful, surviving institution?


marooned84 said...

the safety of it?

Anonymous said...

There is no easy answer to your question. But envision a world without it? Envision a society without it? It's the same argument for religion I think,,what is it that makes religion a surviving institution?

If marriage still had its root in love, true passionate love, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion..but it has become so skewed, as we as a society now value different things..that love has taken a back seat..