Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tic Toc

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
I could hear the ticking clock

In 24 hours he is going away
And my being will melt like clay

Do something!, says my head
Yet, my body can barely get out of bed

I cant recognise the person within
It hurts like I am shedding my own skin


poshlemon said...


nathalie said...

related to freedom of choice?

Maya said...

yes, it is Nathalie ... (as poshlemon put it). bouchon de liege dans l'ocean.

nathalie said...

What is bouchon de liege dans l'ocean

Camille said...

Yiiii bouchon de liege !!! c'etait moi ca !

eh ben... meme moi j'avais oublie ca! je crois que j'essaye de transformer mon bouchon en barque... histoire de me convainqure que je la mene ... un peu !

Maya said...

Hello Nathalie,
This is an illustration that i took from my friend Camille Its an image that stayed in my mind and that appears whenever I feel I am being driven by outside forces, with no control over my life and thus decisions. Imagine a little cork stopper being carried away in the ocean, by the wind, by the waves..

nathalie said...

sorry no french for me

driven by outside forces? what outside forces?!

Maya said...

unidentified :-) no control over these.