Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salwa Katrib - Khidni Ma3ak

خدني معك على درب بعيدي
مطرح ما كنا ولاد صغار
وغفي ربيعي بشمس جديدي
نسيني يوم ال صرنا كبار

خدني معك يا حبيبي يا حبيبي
مطرح ما لون الازرق غاب
نمشي سوا يا حبيبي يا حبيبي
على ارض الرمل الي فيها عتاب
بعز الهوا خبيني خبيني
وتركني ضيع بقلبو نهار
ئول للهوا يا هوا ينسيني ينسيني اليوم ال صرنا كبار

خدني معك....

قول للهوا يودينا يودينا
فوق جبال ال مالها حدود
بكرة الزمن رح يمحي اسامينا


paisible photographe said...
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nathalie said...

why did you remove that comment?
even though I don't read french, I am asking
because I thought you appreciated that guys' comments in general

Maya said...

Hi Nathalie, I didnt remove any comment. im against censorship!

nathalie said...

did you read the message before it was deleted?
what did it say?

Maya said...

Yes I did read it, I cant remember anymore. Paisible Photographe, can you stop deleting your own comments? kind of disturbing...

nathalie said...

It is funny of a coincidence that you read it and forgot and he deleted it. I don't believe in coincidence. I think one of you or both are hiding something. Or several things...

BabaGannouj said...

thanks for this post.
i've been looking for an original of this song for a while.

if you have the mp3, can i bother you with sending it to my email?


Maya said...

BG, done. Enjoy!

BabaGannouj said...

sorry to bother again, but I never received the song. Did you send it to

Thanks again.