Friday, March 13, 2009

The West Bank Archipelago

While reading a blog of le, I came accross the below map. It is a map published by the Atlas 2009 of Le Monde Diplomatique, that depicts the reality of life in the West Bank: cities and villages, seperated by the "Wall", by Israeli colonies, by army check-points. A West Bank that looks more like an archipelago of isolated islands rather than a land where people can decently live.


nathalie said...

so what's your point?

nathalie said...

I thought you didn't like censorship!
now everything has to be approved by the blog owner
people that can't handle freedom of speech
typical inferior behavior

Camille said...

Et voila la triste carte (la plus exacte et la plus a jour) de l'archipel de Palestine faite par l'ONU:

A ce week end ;)

nathalie said...

so Maya you don't have a point to make? you just posted a map that you copied somewhere?

The conflict at this stage in history is not about maps anymore because the objective of both sides is basically to eliminate the other completely; so the interim maps that will lead to that result are theoretically insignificant nor important

unless one eliminates the other, which is unlikely, the conflict will continue forever... and the maps will continue changing, and territories expanding and shrinking, even overspilling to neighboring countries like Lebanon

It is unlikely that the conflict will be resolved unless the populations and not the governments take matters in their own hands and reconcile, put the past behind them, and accept a fair peace, mentally and territorially

There is a need for new extraordinary leaders from the people on both sides to come together at the same time in history and drive that process - and that's a matter of pure luck and can decide how long such conflict will last

Maya said...

the map made me realize how far we still are from the 2 states solution. it made me realize that despite the fact that palestinians were given a land, they are still under steep occupation. I honestly did not know that life in the West Bank was so shattered. So the point was to share my finding. I do agree with you that obejctives on both sides are to eliminate the other, and this map is a proof of israel's strategy to do so