Sunday, March 15, 2009

Closed Zone

The animator of the Israeli movie "Waltz with Bashir", made a short movie, "Closed Zone", about the life in besieged Gaza. Powerful.
While I approve of the work of those Israeli anti-war militants, I cant help but wonder why, we, Arabs dont produce such equally effective communication channels.


nathalie said...

the israelis are besieged as well

Maya said...

You really think so Nathalie? How so?

paisible photographe said...

(by other israelis)

nathalie said...

the israelis and the palestinians are besieged by the reckless behavior of their governments

both populations are in fear
both populations are unstable
both populations fear their future

nathalie said...


Camille said...


I think the situation you are describing can be applied to the whole region stretching from Afghanistan to Lebanon, including Israel (which situation will only worsen with a racist ex-bouncer as a probable minister of foreign affairs).

What adds up to the Palestinians'
misfortune is the occupation of their land (or what's left of it) by a country that has a colonial project on this land.

Maya said...

yet, Israeli appear to have the entire world on their side. and the israeli government is strong enough to offer at least basic social services to their citizens. Palestinians have neither nor. btw, story of stuff is really interesting and very scary!. thanks!

marooned84 said...

Because we - Arabs - are too racist to think of the other. My personal opinion is that the other is a villain because they got the killers into the tanks through fair voting. But what are we? Rats living in cages and too afraid to even admit it.

Egypt was actually planning to celebrate the Kamb David traty's 30th anniversary, but cancelled the celebration 2 days before the date. Why it intended and why it cancelled? I don't know, because I'm only a half citizen in my own country.

Maya said...

marooned84, if what you mean is that arab regimes are corrupted, totalitarian and completely disregard their citizens' rights, then I am with you on that. I have long thought that if Arab nationalism really existed the state of Israel would have been a failed attempt, a long time ago

marooned84 said...

It exists alright, but as a romantic concept that if put to a real test won't last against the tiniest piece of interests.

The sad thing is: the Arab interests are actually the last thing a ruler would think about. See how they antagonize Iran, and I bet we'll be seeing how they will try getting close because the Puppet master will tell them so in his own time, and when it'll be too late for decent relationships.